Welcome to Avondale Design Studio!

Founded in early 2011, Avondale Design Studio ​is an award winning, published interior design firm noted for creating distinctive spaces that are refined reflections of their clients. Clean lines, tailored details, wonderful textiles and mixes of new furniture and cherished heirlooms create rooms that feel simultaneously current yet deeply personal. Our breadth of work encompasses many differing styles, as well as different levels of involvement.  Kathy and Rebecca love to collaborate with architects and contractors to bring a design to fruition, but are just as happy working with a client to redesign or enhance a current room or space. We strive to clarify all aspects of the project by use of budgets, visualizations, and plans, before purchasing items on behalf of our client.  We feel transparency is paramount.

Please enjoy viewing the unique and personal interiors that have been created for our clients.
Kathryn Berardo
Principal Designer & Owner

Kathryn is one of the rare interior designers in the world who possesses both a deep passion for the art and craft of interior design, and the keen business skills to match her interests. Born and raised in East Hampton, NY by an artist and a master craftsman, that perfectly balanced aptitude was developed in her from an early age. Kathryn spent her formative years in other peoples' homes, assisting her father in the family business. This upbringing offered her an unparalleled view into the lives of many esteemed and influential designers and classical tastemakers. She quickly learned how powerful and transformative design could be, and how an honest business should be run.


After graduating with honors from Boston University with an accounting degree, Kathryn found her way to Houston and relished the cultural diversity there. As a licensed CPA, Kathryn succeeded in her career, but never gave up her passion for painting and design. A supportive family made it possible for her to pursue another career: this time, in interior design. Kathryn went back to design school, where she was an ASID award-winning student in both residential and commercial interior design. She joined the American Society of Interior Design as an Allied Member, and served on the HCCS Interior Design Advisory Board.


In early 2011, Kathryn co-founded Avondale Design Studio, where she brings her unique collaborative design skills to Houston and beyond. Kathryn’s love of textiles and furnishings constantly inspires her to create new palettes for her clients to comfort, support, and stimulate the senses, while reflecting the personalities and unique histories of the home’s inhabitants. Her ability for drawing translates into excellent design communication skills, and her organizational abilities and accounting savvy streamline the design process for her clients. Meetings are always fun, but remain calm and efficient.


As a 'universal designer,' Kathryn feels equally comfortable designing a glamorous, neo-classical residence, or a textured, mid-century home. The décor is never literal, but rather eclectic and personal to the clients. She says that she enjoys the variety as it allows her to be a chameleon and revel in different periods of design history. Her own tastes favor the Old World with her excellent collections of antiques and timeworn textiles. That being said, she likes to find the balance between the old and new—a design philosophy, which she feels is entirely necessary for today. 

Rebecca Grotte

Principal Designer & Owner


Rebecca Grotte has been honing her creative skills from an early age. She was influenced heavily by a grandmother who gave her an appreciation and love of textiles, through teaching the use of pattern, color, and technique.  Her musical journey began as a classical French Horn player at age 12, where she applied both artistic expression and technical skills to create beautiful music. She went on to study Music Education at the University of Houston. Rebecca married, and through her husband's military career was introduced to many new locales and creative inspirations.  Upon their return to Houston, Rebecca went back to school to further cultivate her love of the arts through interior design. During her time as a student, Rebecca was a scholarship winner for outstanding academic performance from NEWH.

Rebecca Grotte began her professional Interior Design career in 2014 with Avondale Design Studio as a Design Assistant. Over the next three years, she applied her skills to real-life applications and excelled in working with clients to plan and personalize their homes. Rebecca is now a Principal Designer and Partner at Avondale Design Studio with Kathy Berardo.

Rebecca’s classic musical background has been a stepping stone in her career path.  Rebecca feels that harmony, melody and rhythm, translate smoothly to interior design. One must have the perfect blend of balance and creativity in order to bring fluidity and inspiration to the design process. Beautiful interior spaces must be orchestrated with a thoughtfulness and keen eye in order to combine individual objects into perfectly balanced ensembles. 

As a designer, Rebecca enjoys the relationships formed with the clients throughout the design process. As a mother, she appreciates how spaces must be functional as well as beautiful. By blending a variety of styles from traditional to contemporary, Rebecca mixes styles and time periods within spaces. Her passion for textiles allows Rebecca to create dynamic color palettes, which provide depth of both color and texture to transform the interior.