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Client Testimonials

"I cannot believe how incredible our house looks! With their experience, they guided me through what I considered an overwhelming project of decorating from the start to finish. I am not good at picking colors or making decorating decisions in general so I relied heavily on them to make those decisions for me. They showed me catalogues and palette boards to gain a sense of what style and colors I liked and from there they came up with beautiful design options. Now my house is totally coordinated and yet each room still has its own unique feel. I look forward to coming home each day and LOVE the spaces they have created. Hiring Avondale was one of the BEST decisions we ever made!"

- Dr. Kathy Bell



"Avondale Design Studio has turned my home into a haven in which I truly enjoy living. The design drawings made it easy to see what each room would look like. It was simple and easy and less stress for me. The transformation has put a smile on my face, and now, I love my home!"

- Mary Prince



“I chose Avondale Design Studio to design and decorate my master bedroom and home office... Their designs took into account exactly what I wanted, as well as pieces that I could never have envisioned. The builder of my home came by recently and commented that the room was the nicest he had EVER seen upon completion. Ben and Kathy were a delight to work with and very professional throughout the process. They did such a good job that I have since commissioned them to design and decorate my living and dining room!”

- Nick Hellyar



"Avondale Design Studio recently assisted us with furnishing and decorating our living room and den. The rooms look beautiful, but beyond that, they also worked to ensure that the spaces reflected our unique senses of style. As first-time homeowners, my husband and I would have been lost without them. On top of all that, they are just such a pleasure to be around!"

- Julie & Andrew Edelman



"We love working with Avondale Design Studio. They take the time to understand their client, listen well, and offer a wide range of options. If asked, they do not hesitate to offer their opinion as to what works best ... they partner with the homeowner to find the best and most creative solutions. Their sense of style and space and knowledge of color, texture and materials make the remodeling process a lot of creative fun. Besides being so talented and easy to work with, they are two great individuals."

- Susan & Doug Paisley



"Avondale Design Studio did such an incredible job! They are amazing and I am ready to entertain! Thanks guys--you are the BEST!"

- Cheryl Murphy



​"Colorists with the ability to interpret, refine & then realize the perfect palette. It is a joy to comb through the vast selection of fabrics, to find coordinating trim, to choose paint & carpet with them at your side, advising and editing..."

- Nora Pat McVeagh​



"These projects were fun. Decorating a space is a series of decisions, which can become confusing and somewhat stressful given the multiplicity of choices. Not so, in my experience working with Avondale Design Studio!... They are a pleasure to work with. I smile every time I step into one of our new rooms."

- Janice Seward

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